May 31, 2017: On Wednesday 31st May, 2017, Senator the Honourable Clarence Rambharat, Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries received a Courtesy Call from Her Excellency Ana Pisano-Ashton, Ambassador of the Argentine Republic and Dr. Manuel Otero, who currently serves as an Institutional Advisor for the National Association of Veterinary Medicine Laboratories – national and multi-national.


Dr. Otero is one of two candidates for the post of Director General of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) for which elections are due to be held in October.  When asked by the Minister what are the two most important changes he will make to IICA, Dr. Otero said that he will endeavor to have ‘a more pragmatic institution, less documents and more actions; be closer to the producers'. 


Minister Rambharat shared that the key areas for him are ‘capacity building and technical assistance on specific issues’.


Her Excellency shared details on the expertise of Dr. Otero stating that ‘we are very grateful that he is a candidate for [the] IICA [Director General post] and the Argentine Government is supporting Dr. Otero highly.’ Dr. Otero said that he is ‘visiting all member countries to learn about how agriculture is doing in each of the countries and to get some ideas about what will be the best for IICA’s future’.