About Praedial Larceny Squad (PLS)

The Praedial Larceny Squad (PLS) was established in November 2013.

The goal of the PLS is to reduce the incidence of praedial larceny in Trinidad and Tobago which will be achieved through the implementation of various interdiction and suppression strategies including patrols, surveillance, arrests and prosecutions.

 Our Objectives

  • To significantly reduce praedial larceny
  • To develop strategies to effectively deal with praedial larceny
  • To develop working relationships with the Police Service for required collaborative exercises
  • To develop working relationships and networks with farmers, farmer groups, vendors and stakeholders of the agricultural sector
  • To inform farmers and vendors of requirements including documents associated with the sale, purchase and transport of agricultural produce.
  • To enforce the laws associated with the sale, purchase and transport of agricultural produce.

 Our Services

  • Perform regular foot and mobile patrols within farming communities and markets
  • Provide farmers and agricultural stakeholders with assistance and direction in the reduction in praedial larceny
  • Participate in programmes and activities aimed at praedial larceny awareness
  • Investigate reports and incidents of praedial larceny
  • Interacts regularly with farmers and other stakeholders to share information and provide advice on matters related to praedial larceny

  Contact Information

Members of the public can contact their nearest district office:
Eastern District Office,
Farm Road,
St. Joseph

Northern District Office,
VMCOTT Compound
Beetham Highway,
Port of Spain

Central District Office,
Carlsen Field,

Southern District Office,
Breeding Unit Tr.
Craignish Village,
Princess Town