Mission and Vision


To operate as a unit committed to enhancing and sustaining the livelihood of our stakeholders through resolution of clients’ issues in an efficient and effective manner.


Resolution of our diverse clients’ issues in an accurate and expeditious manner thereby ensuring stakeholder satisfaction.

About Us

The People Issues Resolution Coordinating Unit was established through a mandate from the office of the Prime Minister (2010). The importance of such a body was realised as the Ministry sought overall improvement and standardisation of all services under its umbrella. It was mandated that the unit treats with time-sensitive issues, particularly those which are not being adequately handled by the bureaucracy.
The People Issues Resolution Coordinating Unit remains committed to ensuring that in its duties, its members maintain and uphold clear guidelines of integrity, equity, confidentiality, respect, natural justice, and professionalism. All issues shall be addressed promptly, fairly and impartially.

Each client who is under the purview of the Ministry is entitled to equal access to services. The civil and religious liberties of clients, including the right to independence, personal decisions, and knowledge of available choices, are acknowledged by the unit. 

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Staff at the People Issues Resolution Coordinating Unit, from left to right are Ms.Beverly Lewis, Ms.Afesha Homeward,

Mr. Jai Rampersad (Senior People Issue Interface Officer),  Ms. Malisa Ramkissoon and Ms. Aniesha Sucre


Core Roles and Functions

  • To investigate and facilitate resolution of customers’ issues which are related to the services of the Ministry of Food Production. This includes, for example, the delay of flooding and incentive claims.
  • To provide a high level of quality customer service to all clients.
  • To intake all issues, analyse, resolve and provide feedback in a timely manner.
  • To maintain a database of client information for monthly and quarterly reporting.
Services Offered
  • Intake of clients’ issues regarding the services offered by the Ministry of Food Production
  • Referral of clients to relevant Divisions to address their first time issues (new applications).
  • Provide information on government services and expected time frames for services. We offer a “No wrong door policy”.
  • Provide timely resolution/feedback to issues emerging from Government services.
  • Intake of clients’ suggestions and recommendations on how Government services can be improved.

Who is Eligible?

  • Any citizen can lodge an issue which is not being adequately addressed and as such is deemed to be a time sensitive complaint.
  • Any citizen can give a suggestion on how to improve government services
  • Any citizen can give a recommendation on issue resolution in their community


Contact Information

People Issues Resolution Coordinating Unit

  • St. George West County Office, Farm Road, Curepe - 662-5127/1886
  • St. George Vet Services, Havelock Street, Curepe - 662-5986
  • Engineering Division, Cor. Mausica & Caroni North Bank Road., Centeno - 642-0363/0267; 646-5231
  • Regional Administration South, Cocoyea Village - 225-4727/4637