Mission Statement

To provide the Ministry of Food Production, with high quality professional legal advice and support on all aspects of the Ministry's activities where required.

Goals and Objectives

Our objective is to provide legal advice and support to the Ministry in furtherance of its mandate and to protect the Ministry from liability.
In this regard the Legal Unit sees as its key responsibilities the following:

  • To conduct legal research and provide legal advice and support to the Minister, Permanent Secretary, and Directors in relation to their functions and responsibilities.
  • To advise on regional and international agreements and treaties.
  • To draft, review and interpret contracts, memoranda of understanding, licences, leases and other legal instruments to be entered into by the Ministry.
  • To attend court and Disciplinary Tribunal hearings on behalf of the Ministry.
  • To review legislation in furtherance of the Ministry’s legislative agenda.
  • To assist in the formulation of Ministry policy.

Legislative and Regulatory Framework

Main Legislation

Animal (Diseases and Importation) Act



Legislation Relevant to State Enterprises and Statutory Bodies under the purview of the Ministry of Food Production.

Contact Information

Legal Unit
No. 2 Serpentine Road
Phone Number: 622-2058/622-1221 Ext. 2054
Fax Number: 622-2023


Legal Notices

  1. Legal Notice No. 84 of 2004 (Animals (Importation) Control (Amendment) Regulations 2004)
  2. Legal Notice No. 93 of 2006 (Plant Protection (Control of Black Sigatoka Disease) Order 2006)
  3. Legal Notice No. 303 of 2006 (The Fisheries (Control of Demersal Trawling) Regulations 2004; Erratum)
  4. Legal Notice No. 156 of 2007 (Notification of Type and Specification of Turtle Excluder Devices (TEDs)
  5. Legal Notice No. 31 of 2010 (Plant Protection (Giant African Snail) (AchatinaFulica) Order 2010)

Legislation (listed alphabetically)

  1. Agricultural Society Act (Chap. 63:01)
  2. Animals (Diseases and Importation) Act (Chap. 67:02)
  3. Beekeeping and Bee Products Act (Chap. 67:53)
  4. Caribbean Fisheries Training and Development Institute Act (Chap. 39:53)
  5. Cocoa and Coffee Industry Act (Chap. 64:20)
  6. Fisheries Act (Chap. 67:51)
  7. Land Acquisition Act (Chap. 58:01)
  8. Livestock and Livestock Products Board Act (Chap. 67:05)
  9. National Agricultural Marketing and Development Corporation Act (Chap. 63:05)
  10. Plant Protection Act (Chap. 63:56)
  11. Pounds Act (Chap. 67:03)
  12. Praedial Larceny Prevention Act (Chap. 10:03)
  13. State Lands Act (Chap. 57:01)

Regulations (listed alphabetically)

  1. Animals (Importation) Control Regulations (GN 27/1955)  - Animals (Dieseases and Importation) Act, pg88
  2. Plant Protection Regulations (LN194/1997) - Plant Protection Act, pg 15
  3. Fisheries (Conservation of Marine Turtles) Regulations (LN 65/1994) - Fisheries Act, pg13
  4. Notification of Procedures for Resuscitation of Turtles (LN194/1999)  - Fisheries Act, pg16
  5. Fisheries (Control of Demersal Trawling) Regulations (LN 335/2004)  - Fisheries Act, pg22