About the Commercial Large Farms Programme

The Commercial Large Farms Programme (CLFP) is an initiative of the Ministry of Food Production wherein the State partners with private agri-investors in a public-private arrangement to establish Large Commercial Farms in Trinidad. These farms normally average between 100 acres – 300 acres in size and are situated mainly on former sugarcane lands. One of the major goals of the programme is to attract and engage a cadre of agri-entrepreneurs, who possess agri-business acumen and private capital, into the agri-food sector.


The Commercial Large Farms Programme (CLFP) was developed to fulfill the following objectives within the supply side of the agricultural sector:-
  1. To increase efficiency and productivity in the sector through economies of scale and rapid increase in the acquisition and utilization of new technologies;
  2. To provide an adequate, reliable and high quality supply of raw material to service the agro-processing and food manufacturing sectors;
  3. To facilitate the transfer of new technologies to the small farms sub-sector;
  4. To increase the quantity, quality and reliability of domestic food supply thereby stabilizing domestic food prices and ensuring adequate supplies of nutritious food is available to the population at affordable prices;
  5. To enhance the competitiveness of the export sub-sector; and
  6. To support the need to increase national food production and improve our food and nutrition security status.

Projects currently working on

Facilitating the establishment of 12 Commercial Large Farms in Trinidad as listed below:



Technology Farms Limited

Orange Grove Estate, Orange Grove

Edinburgh Farms Limited

Perseverance, Road Edinburgh

Two2 Brothers Corporation

Warren, Caroni

Evergreen Ranch Limited

Picton IV Picton Estate

Kent Farms

Orange Grove 2

Two2 Brothers Corporation


Rice Growers Limited

Orange Grove 3

AGA Agriculture Company

La Gloria

Garden Choice Orchards Limited

La Gloria

Danny's Enterprise Company Limited

Picton I

Caribbean Chemicals and Agency Limited

Tucker Valley

Trinidad and Tobago Small Ruminant Development Company Ltd

Picton V

Contact Information

Commercial Large Farms Unit
: Programme Coordinating Ministry of Food Production #2 Serpentine Road, St. Clair, Port of Spain Trinidad
Phone Number: 628-1617/1618,628-4344
Fax Number: 628-0383