About Us

The Internal Audit Unit in the Ministry of Food Production has been established under the Audit and Exchequer Act 1965 Chapter 69:01. The main function of the Unit is to ensure that the internal controls are adhered to as instituted by management. These controls are derived from the aforementioned Act and are directed by the Comptroller of the Accounts, the Ministry of Finance, the Chief Personnel Officer, the Director of Personnel Administration and the Permanent Secretary.


Structure of the Internal Audit

Auditor II

Auditor I

Auditing Assistant

Auditing Assistant

Clerk Typist


The Auditor II reports directly to the Permanent Secretary Auditor II


Goals and Objectives

The functions of the Unit are to:

  1. Ensure that the internal controls are maintained and that there is proper accountability.
  2. Identify relevant red flags and make necessary recommendations
  3. Work in harmony with all the Divisions / Units of the Ministry in order to minimise the number of matters or concerns that would be identified by the Auditor General and other monitoring agencies.
  4. Submit reports to the Permanent Secretary on a monthly basis.


Contact Information

Internal Audit Unit

Head Office

St. Clair Circle, St.Clair
Phone: 622-1221 or 622-1223 Ext. 1171 & 1172