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The HIV Unit at the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries was established in July 2013. This programme was created by virtue of Cabinet minute # 1012 of April 29, 2010 which mandated all public sector agencies to mainstream HIV and AIDS into their respective sector. The role of the Unit is to ensure that key actions are planned and implemented, guaranteeing that elements of HIV and AIDS are included in the Sector plans and programmes. Overall, the Unit ensures that the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries is a key player in the National HIV and AIDS response activities/programmes.

This programme is co-managed with the Ministry of Health, Trinidad and Tobago via the Interim HIV/AIDS Agency and supported via the Interim HIV Secretariat.


The role of the Interim HIV Agency is to provide national leadership and coordination of the expanded HIV national response having a coordinating, monitoring and advisory role as it relates to the following key areas:

  • Coordination of the national HIV response
  • Definition of national policies
  • Setting of national goals and targets of the priority areas
  • Preparation of annual work plans
  • Establishment of national standards
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the HIV response at the National Level.

See the link to the website: http://www.health.gov.tt/sitepages/default.aspx?id=223

Programme Approach

The programme seeks to promote and align the Ministry’s core values, strategic plan, and existing policies with the goals, objectives, outcomes, outputs, and activities of the National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan 2013 – 2018 and the National HIV/AIDS Operational Plan 2013 – 2014.  The programmes and activities will be developed and implemented from an evidence-based position,   ensuring that the contributions of the Ministry to the Sector and the National Response can be measured and utilised for future programme development. Moreover, the programme seeks to mainstream HIV and AIDS into the Food production sector by ensuring the key element of fulfilling the mandate of the Ministry, “Making Trinidad and Tobago a Food Secure Nation” is realized.

Programmatic Activities and Services

Staff/ Client Services

  1. Training, sensitization and education sessions for staff and direct clients of the Ministry of Food Production
  2. Consolidation and development of specific HIV Information, Education and Communication materials specific to the Food Production Sector in Trinidad and Tobago
  3. Facilitation of HIV and related health testing and counselling services for staff of the Ministry
  4. Support services for staff of the Ministry who currently infected or directly affected by HIV. To set guidelines and standards for the treatment of staff of the Ministry who may become HIV+ in the future or cater to new staff members who join the Ministry and are HIV+

Programme/ Policy Development and Formulation

  1. The development, adoption and implementation of the a sector HIV Strategic Plan for the Ministry
  2. The development and adoption of the HIV and AIDS Workplace Policy specific to the Food Production Ministry
  3. Supporting the National HIV and AIDS response in Trinidad and Tobago in areas of mutual collaborations with other national stakeholders especially in the area of food security.

Programme structure and approach will follow the Chief Personnel Officer Guidelines for Managing HIV and AIDS in the public sector, http://goo.gl/a9FyAu


Contact Information

Enquiries and requests of a personal nature will be handled with a high level of sensitivity and great measures will be made to ensure confidentiality.
Phone: 622-1221 Ext 1257/1261
Fax: 628-0383
Name of Coordinator: Margarita Elliot
Email: meelliot@gov.tt
Skype: margaritaelliot