Mission and Vision

Mission Statement
To reliably and efficiently communicate with the media and the general public on the Ministry's ongoing programmes, projects and policies.

Vision Statement
To be the quintessential provider of reliable timely accurate information to the citizenry (through the media) on the Ministry's activities and achievements.


This Unit's key responsibilities are as follows:-

  1. Develop and implement a Communications Strategy for the Ministry.
  2. Communicate the Ministry's strategic direction to the public.
  3. Manage the corporate identity, image and reputation of the Ministry.
  4. Manage the Minister's public appearances through the provision of speeches, protocol and other preparation for these events.
  5. Coordinate and plan all corporate events of the Ministry.
  6. Manage press conferences, briefings, media tours and public relations (PR) activities.
  7. Monitor media coverage and foster effective relationships with the media stakeholders.
  8. Coordinate and edit the Ministry's publications and provide publications consultation and support to both internal and external stakeholders.
  9. Manage the interface between the Ministry and its external clients.
  10. Coordinate and implement internal communications plans and programmes to support the strategic goals of the Ministry and its stakeholders.
  11. Provide audio-visual support for Media/PR and Events organized by the Ministry.

Contact Information

Corporate Communications Unit
Head Office, St. Clair, Port of Spain
Phone Number: 622-1221 Ext.1167/1212