About the Division

The Division falls under the umbrella of the Ministry of Housing and Settlments of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. The body is managed by the Director of Surveys, who overseers the day to day operations within the Division.

The Director of Surveys

Mr. Andrew Bowles is the Director of Surveys. He has held varying positions within the Division as Land Surveyor I, II and III, since 1983 and has vast experience in Land Surveying and Land Management.

Functions of the Director of Surveys obtained from the Survey Act No.: 33 of 1996:

  • administers, co-ordinates, maintains and extend geodetic control networks, traverses, precise levelling or other precision measurements forming the National Survey Control System, and maintain the salient permanent reference marks governing or providing subsidiary controls survyeys;
  • implements and administers such examination and approval procedures as are approved by the Board for ensuring:
    1. the maintenance of accuracy and standards in surveys for land title, leases or tenure purposes under any Act;
    2. the integration of surveys within the cadastral survey system; and
    3. the integrity of cadastral survey records;
  • set standards for the format in which digital data should be presented;
  • produces and maintains topographic maps, hydrographic charts, photographic data and mapping derived from cadastral and topographic information including related thematic and special purpose mapping, hydrographic charting and digital records;
  • facilitates the co-ordination of aerial photography required for government purposes and capable of being used in the production of maps;
  • promotes the integration of mapping geographically based information and land related information with the information system requirements;
  • specify requirements for and, where appropriate, arrange surveys for the issue of title or affecting tenure or disposition of State Land;
  • receives, holds, distributes, reproduces and sells, topographic, cadastral, and derived maps, aerial photographs and other survey and mapping documents resulting from activities under this Act and required for government or public use;
  • authorize and, where appropriate, charge for the use or reproduction of survey and mapping information recorded by the Department of Lands and Surveys in digital form;
  • provides surveys,mapping, land information and related services;
  • co-ordinate as necessary with local and international agencies on the exchange of surveys, mapping and land information data.


  • Registration of Cadastral Survey Plans
  • Receipt of Survey Plans submitted forapproval by Director of Surveys
  • Sale of:
    • Digital topographic maps
    • Insurance of Survey Orders
    • Advise on State Surveys
    • Tide tables
    • Topographic and special purpose maps,wardSheets, aerial photography, certified copies
    • Trig, traverse and height data.
  • Archiving of:
    • Cadastral Sheets
    • Survey Plans
    • other Survey records
  • Quality Control Unit for checking of R.P.O andSurvey Order Plans
  • Archiving of:
    • Hydrographic Charts
    • Hydrographic survey information
    • mean sea level height data