Welcome to the main library and knowledge centre in the Ministry of Food Production

About Us

Knowledge is the pathway to success! We at the Main Library Unit of the Ministry of   Food Production, Research Division are open to all, providing up to date and accurate sources of information on everything agriculture related. From production techniques, to management skills and everything in between we offer an extensive collection of material to assist your efforts to grow your food and your knowledge.

Function of the Unit

  • Manage knowledge resources and services.
  • Leverage ICT to increase information access to e-resources
  • Promote awareness of agricultural information to the wider community.
  • Preserve and conserve all local agricultural information.
  • Develop a team of competent and customer oriented staff.

Mission and Vision

  1. Mission Statement of the Library Services in MFP

To provide an effective agricultural knowledge service, using ICT, capable of servicing personnel of the Ministry of Food Production, as well as the wider agricultural community.

Vision Statement
A dynamic knowledge network, customer focussed, properly staffed and funded, with the capacity to deliver:

  • Agricultural information in all formats
  • Access to regional and international networks
  • Accurate database searches
  • Rapid document delivery
  • Customized client services

Services the Unit Provides

  • Reference service –Walk in, telephone and email
  • Loans service limited to Ministry of Food Production staff
  • Photocopying/scanning/printing
  • Public outreach, displays, group tours, user training
  • Binding
  • Internet


  • Agricultural Buildings and Structures
  • Agricultural Value Chain Finance
  • Dictionary of Entomology
  • Food Analysis
  • Guidlines for Ecolabelling of Fish and Fishery Products from Marine Capture Fisheries
  • Insects of Palms
  • International Trade in Agricultural Products
  • Jamaican Folk Medicine
  • Joys of Health Cooking in the Caribbean
  • Management of Animal Genetic Resources
  • Market Oriented Agricultural infrastructure
  • Modernising Irrigation Management
  • New Frontiers in Knowledge Management


  • Agronomy Journal - October 2011
  • American Bee Journal - November 2011
  • CSA News - November 2011
  • Tropical Agriculture - October 2011


  • Higlights of Dutch Agribusiness
  • International Information System for the Agricultural Sciences and Technology 2011
  • Rose Diseases and Pests (second edition)

Contact Information

Research Division
Central Experiment Station, Centeno
Tel: 646-4334/7 Ext 4008
Tel/ Fax: 646-1643