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The Animal Production and Health Division offers a wide range of livestock oriented services. It is divided into three (3) sub-divisions. These are:

  1. Animal Production Sub-Division
  2. Animal Health Sub-Division
  3. Research (Livestock)

1. The Animal Production sub-division is further divided into

  • Centeno Livestock Station
  • Artificial Breeding Centre
  • Mon Jaloux Forage Development Centre
  • La Gloria Forage Farm

2. The Animal Health Sub-division is spread throughout the country in regional county offices. In addition, there is the National Animal Disease Centre.

3. The Research (Livestock) sub-division is located at Aripo Livestock Station.


The Mission of the Animal Production and Health Division is to provide quality goods and services cost effectively and reliably to the satisfaction of our clients, in support of a competitive and sustainable livestock sub-sector and in the promotion of human health.

In support of this Mission, the Division is committed to:

  • Influencing the formulation and implementation of appropriate and clearly defined policies, plans and integrated programmes for the livestock sub-sector.
  • The improvement of the genetic capability and performance of various classes of livestock e.g. cattle, sheep and goats.
  • Assisting in the development of incentive programmes that will attract investment into the sub-sector and stimulate efficiency and competitiveness.
  • Assisting the livestock sub-sector in achieving greater efficiency of production and improved product quality by providing cost effective veterinary health and livestock production programmes.
  • Collaboration with public and private sector organizations on relevant aspects of human health and to assist in protecting the human population form diseases transmitted through animals and unwholesome animal products.

Animal Health Sub-Division

  • REGULATORY: Administers and enforces the Animal (Diseases and Importation) Ordinance 1954, and the diseases of Animals (Poultry) Ordinance of 1952.
  • PREVENTATIVE: Takes necessary action to control and eradicate notifiable diseases, and other infectious diseases.
  • ADVISORY: Advises the public on Animal Health and Husbandry matters.
  • TRAINING: Assists in the training of Veterinary and Para-Veterinary Personnel.
  • CURATIVE: Provides Veterinary/Medical care for all livestock.
  • DIAGNOSTIC: Provides a specialized Laboratory Services for the diagnosis of Animal and Poultry Diseases.
  • PUBLIC HEALTH: Coordinates and collaborates with the Ministry of Health on issues related to Zoonoses and Public Health matters.


  • Sale of breeding stock to the farming community. Livestock available for sale are dairy cattle, sheep, goats and rabbits.
  • Provision of artificial insemination services for the livestock community. This service is offered week days, weekends and public holidays. The livestock semen is either frozen or fresh depending on the type of animal. The services are performed for cattle, water buffalo, sheep, goats and pigs. There is a limited rabbit artificial insemination service, which is performed on special request.
  • Artificial Breeding Centre facilitates Secondary School and Tertiary Institutions’ field trips on written request only.
  • Sale of forage. Fresh grass is sold at Mon Jaloux Forage Development Centre and La Gloria Forage Farm to livestock farmers. The Mon Jaloux FDC is currently exploring the production of hay to make it available to farmers for purchase.
  • Demonstration of farming techniques is done in collaboration with ETIS.
  • Advisory services to farmers with respect to Animal Production.
  • Farms Surveillance (Broilers, Layers, Ducks, Turkeys and Rabbits)
  • Diagnosis, Treatment and Control of Poultry Disease
  • Advise on Poultry Husbandry and Farm Management
  • Importation of dogs and cats into Trinidad and Tobago
  • Inspection of Live Poultry and Eggs at Ports of Entry
  • Monitoring of Equine Quarantine
  • Monitoring of Livestock and Humans for incidents of Bat Biting
  • Monitoring and Control  of the Vampire Bat Population
  • Animal Health and Production / Advisory Services to Farmers
  • Animal Inspection
  • Preventative Medicine Programmes for Animals
  • Prevention and Controlof Bovine Tuberculosis(TB)
  • Livestock Clinical Care and Treatment
  • Rabies Vaccination of Livestock
  • Veterinary Diagnostic Services for Livestock Producers
  • Animals / Laboratory Diagnostic Tests
  • Necropsy of Animals
  • Research opportunities area offered to Tertiary Institutions to work in collaboration with RL.
  • Cull stock (the off-shoot of research) may be sold to the farming community.
  • Field tours and demonstrations for Secondary schools, Tertiary Institutions and nature groups can be arranged by written request only.
  • Demonstration visits are arranged by written request only.

Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory


The Main Section of the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (VDL) of the Ministry of Food Production Land and Marine Affairs (MFPLMA) is located on the first floor of Buildings 47 and 49 at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC), Champs Fleurs. These buildings are shared with the School of Veterinary Medicine. The Rabies Laboratory is however located at the Havelock Street, Curepe compound which is shared by the Offices of the Veterinary Officers, St. George and Quarantine and the Dog and Cat Quarantine Station.


The VDL is the only Government Veterinary Laboratory in Trinidad and is primarily concerned with effecting and supporting National Health Policies and Food Safety Standards/Systems through the diagnosis of livestock and major zoonotic diseases in animals from both the public and the private sectors. This main role is carried out by means of laboratory testing and research coupled with its library facilities, seminars and training sessions. Departments within the VDL include:

  • Microbiology and Virology Department
  • Haematology and Cytology Department
  • Parasitology Department
  • Necropsy and Histopathology Department
  • Media/Sterilization and Wash-up Department

Services offered at the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory


Aspirate, Impression Smear, Biopsy


Complete Blood Count (CBC)


Warts Vaccine


Ectoparasite Identification, Faecal Flotation


Culture & Sensitivity, Mycology


Urine Micro/Dipstick, Kidney Bladderstone Analysis


Necropsy, Histopathology Analysis


Bovine Leucosis Virus, Johne's Disease, Brucellosis, Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Virus, Equine Influenza, Avian Influenza, Infectious Laryngotracheitis, New Castle Disease, Gumboro, Infectious Bronchitis, Myciolasma




Processing of Infectious Material for shipment to external laboratories. (In accordance to IATA Standards) & Semen Alalysis


Diagnostic Services are provided to Government Veterinary Officers, who provide clinical and preventative services to the farming community. Additionally, services are provided to private veterinarians in companion, exotic and farm animal practice. The VDL also facilitates diagnostic testing for the Emperor Valley Zoo, the Veterinary Public Health Division of the Ministry of Health, the Caribbean Epidemiology Centre, the Fisheries Division, MFPLMA, the Wildlife Section, Ministry of the Environment and Housing and other Caribbean nations (e.g. Grenada, St.Vincent and the Bahamas).

Contact Information

Animal Production & Health (AP&H)
80 Abercromby St. POS
Tel: 625-5997, 625-1473, 669-6623
Fax: 625-5993